Monday, April 14, 2014

Saturday, April 12, 2014

teevee guide!

THE ALL-STAR, NO-FRILLS, GOOD-TYME, ONE-MAN VARIETY SHOW sponsored by Apple's iPod Classic. Musical/Variety, Sundays 7:00PM. 
This Sunday's "Guest", the Dali Lama teaches Sully to say "F&*# It!" at Work-Related Stresses...while Smiling!

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THE DOG POUND. Political/Opinion, Sundays 10:30AM EDT.
Obamacare & Neutering: Where do you stand?  Pundits argue. 

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SIXSPORTSECONDS. Sports/Entertainment. Daily, 16:20 GMT.
Sully suits up for the Haka (hoping no Kiwis were harmed, injured or insulted during filming!)

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HOMER SIMPSON: JEDI PADAWAN, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Sundays 8:00PM. 
Premiere: Finding himself lost in a Time Long, Long Ago, Homer trains to be a Jedi in order to get beer money.

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POKEMON: PACIFISTS, Saturday Mornings, 9:30AM EDT. Children's/Cartoon 
This Week: Pikachu realizes peace comes from within & refuses to fight

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STAR TREK: THE NEXT MEDIOCRITY, Sci-Fi/Adventure. Mon-Fri 6:00AM-3:00PM EDT.
Today, Captain Picard, a Cardassian captive, can accept half-assedness & go free or refuse the next mediocrity & stay prisoner.

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LAW & ORDER: ACCOUNTS PAYABLE. 9:00PM EDT (8PM, Central & Mountain)
This Week: Original Receipts Authenticity Questioned. Drama Ensues. 

Thursday, March 27, 2014


Happy Spring from Channel OCHO!

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Station Ident

Hello and Welcome to CHANNEL OCHO!
My Contribution to Helping Write the Internet.
Image above: The "SuperOm" aka The Supermantra, a stylized Om within the iconic Superman diamond & a variation on the classic color combo.  
I drew it...then I put it on a Cafe Press tee-shirt but iDigress...

What do I do here? I blog.  Along with the help of my friends who occasionally chime in.
Why?  I'm into writing, sharing stories & experiences and also want to turn you on to something cool or delicious whether it be Music, Fiction, Hockey, Spirituality or a Well-Made Dinner.
Channel OCHO is the Magazine on the Coffeetable of my Life.  The Coffeetable was where my friends & I would gather, share stories, good meals & company.  Time & Geography have split a lot of the corps up, yet we hold it together with the glue of our love & interest in all things cool & fun.

Come check out the Archive of Articles:
And much much more!
Joie De Vivre!  And write it down.  You'll never know who you could inspire next!
Namaste & Good Luck.

Eric O'Sullivan
Boston, MA USA
@revsully on Twitter

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What am I allergic to?

Well...let me more than tell you...
Let Me SING IT! 
So in the spirit of novelty & parody songs under the Smogberry Trees of The Dr. Demento Show, I wanted to make a fun primer that I could perhaps use to inform My Future Girlfriend about my dreaded, life-long affliction of Asthma.
Seriously: I get pretty sick over three or four things.  Dust, Down Feathers and Cats (dander, claws, saliva...just looking at me!), ranked in no particular order. Please know they all suck for me to be exposed to.  The itching starts in the neck, then the nose, then the eyes are on are fire...sooner than later, you're suffocating from the inside-out.
(Way Down on Fourth is Seasonal Allergies that fire up the Ass-mar: pollen, hayfever, ragweed and most flowers but that's the most controllable of the major allergies but iDigress...)
Those many gals you know who love cats & their feather bed & down pillows?  And fresh flowers?  Der...sigh.  
Therefore! Here are some homemade Rev Sully OCHO PSAs, using the tweetable Vine App, filming 6 seconds of tomfoolery & mini-movies one can shoot.
I love the future!!!
So in order we got DUST! A parody of Tusk by Fleetwood Mac, 

 then "I Can't Do Down (Feathers Strangle Me From the Inside Out)" a la Springsteen

and finally in the mode of Hall & Oates is "I Can't Go For Cats (No Can Do)".

Hey, swing on a Vine and show it off!

Kriya Shakti,